Friday, April 19, 2013

Plan A

Steve and I became parents this week.  It was fairly quiet, as far as entrances to parenthood go.  We received an email informing us of the joyous, long-awaited, news. 

I called Steve at work.  "So, I guess this means we're parents now," I said. 

"Oh yeah...congratulations!" he said, sounding surprised. 

I dare you to come up with a less exciting intro to parenthood story. 

But for us, it was very exciting.  We've been working to complete an international adoption for longer than I care to think about and we have almost made it to the finish line.  This time next week, we'll be on an insanely long plane flight, on our way to a pair of chubby cheeks that I can't wait to squeeze.  I can't wait for so many things about getting to know our son. 

I can't wait to tell him all the stories about the crazy past three years we've spent, trying to get to him.  I can't wait to tell him about how we rushed out to buy a fire extinguisher so we'd pass our home study; how we spent an afternoon at the Secretary of State's office, whispering in the lobby about different ways to alter legal documents; how we sped around town to three different banks, trying to find a notary that would sign our paperwork before 5pm and how we treated ourselves with ice cream when we managed to do it. 

But mostly, I can't wait to tell him about how much we wanted to adopt.  We've dreamed of adopting a child since before we were married.  I know that's not how it is for some people.  I know that for some people, adoption is a sort of last resort.  Everyone who adopts comes to the decision in a different way and I don't actually think that there is a wrong way to get there.  I mean, orphans need families, right?

But for us, adoption was never Plan B.  The process has been long and rocky and not at all what we expected and we would choose to do it all over again.   And it's not because we're "good people" or any of those other things that people tend to say when they hear we're adopting.  It's because we love children, because we want a family, because there are so many children in this world who need both love and a family.  It's that simple. 

Understandably, I'll be taking a bit of a break from blogging.  And sewing, and shipping, and probably a few things I'd rather not give up, like sleeping and washing my hair.  I have a few posts scheduled for next week with some pictures of the bedroom I've been working on for our little guy.  The dresser, the bookshelves, and many of my other projects from the past two weeks have all been for him and I'm so excited about how his room is turning out. 

I hope your weekend is wonderful.  We'll be packing and enjoying our last bit of time as a family of two!


  1. After reading your blog the hair on my arms is standing up and I have tears in my eyes! I'm so blessed to have you both as my kids, but how I would have loved to have you for my parents. You just pour love out to everyone. What a wonderful life this little boy will have and what joy he has brought to you also.
    I am the proudest Jojo on earth!

  2. So excited and happy for you guys! And we love the Green Toys dump truck - just the thing every little boy needs.

  3. This is so exciting! I am happy for you and this new experience that will stretch your heart in ways you never imagined. My mom is an adoptee and I will forever be grateful for the mother who gave her life and her beautiful smile and the mother who raised her and gave her a chance and a future. It took two mothers to give me mine and my life will forever be happy because of it.

    You can watch my mothers story at

  4. So happy for you three! Love and blessings all round! I'll be keeping you all in my heart and prayers! Get ready for the ride of your lives:) But, I am selfishly hopping you will find time to continue your blog! I will miss peeking into the beautiful things your heart shares with us. Love you guys!

  5. Congrats!!! Have a safe and happy trip! We'll be thinking about you guys. Both my father and my father in law were adopted and it's a great thing. Enjoy being mommy and daddy :)

  6. So EXCITED for you both and the little guy!! He has GREAT parents!! Many many blessings!!

  7. I've wanted to send my congrats ever since Natalie shared the news but didn't want to have any part in jinxing anything. I've been known to hold my breath for longer than I should in anticipation of something exciting & the fear of having it jinxed ;-) Very exciting! Welcome to parenthood! Safe travels & in lieu of washing your hair - check out the Suave Dry Shampoo. It's a great tool for when there are young ones in the house & showers are farther & fewer between than we'd all wish! lol!



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