Friday, April 05, 2013


One of the places we almost always go when we visit Steve's family is the Merrifield Garden Center.  No matter what season it is, there is always something great to see there. 

 This time, we saw the largest turkey I have ever seen in person.  It was amazing. 

The turkey was hanging out with some chickens, two goats, and a guinea fowl.  The other animals were cool and all, but the turkey was the real deal.  Those feathers!  Those blue eye sockets!  That neck that looks like intestines! 
I'll be honest- the plants just paled in comparison after seeing this turkey. 

But there were lots of great plants and I did enjoy seeing them, it's just that I've seen plants before. 

Merrifield is so big that in addition to the outdoor spaces and greenhouse, there is also a lovely indoor shop and a café.  I wandered around taking pictures of beautiful spots indoors while Steve and his mom split a sandwich in the café. 

I love to explore shops like this, even though I almost never buy anything.  The fun part, for me, is to be inspired by new ways to group items, new color schemes, new project ideas. 

I came home with tons of ideas that I need to record immediately or I'll never remember them by next week.  And I sure don't have time to start any of them this week. 

Steve claims it's warming up this weekend, but I'll believe it when I see it.  We've got an ambitious task list to work through, but also plan to squeeze in some fun with friends.  Hope your weekend is sunny!

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