Friday, February 01, 2013

February notes

Happy February, friends!  The year always feels much more manageable once January is behind us, doesn't it? 
Today is my sister's birthday and I'm really wishing that she were here so that we could celebrate together and maybe I could burn a pound cake for her, like I did the last time she came for her birthday.  Come to think of it, maybe that's why she stayed home this year. 
I found these great candles at Target this week and picked them up for $2 each.  They were in the after Christmas clearance items, but they look just right for February to me. 
This week has been pretty great and full of unexpected treats.  One treat was receiving this save the date magnet in the mail.  Not only am I crazy about these two people and super excited for their marriage (which I feel like I really had a hand in, as their relationship began in our driveway), but I immediately noticed that Sophie is wearing a Plumfield Shop scarf in most of the pictures!  I love catching people enjoying things that I've made. 
So this morning I was hanging up the laundry and realized that I hadn't shared our new-ish drying rack.  We found it at The Container Store and it is amazing.  It does the work of two of my old racks, plus is way more sturdy.  I love how tall it is, so it takes up less floor space. 
While the laundry dries, I'm making chili and running a few errands.  We're headed to a small business conference this weekend and we're both so excited!  Steve is making a list of everything we need to do before we leave, while I do important things like decide what to wear.  We're taking the camera and will be sure to report back with lots of pictures!
PS- Don't forget to celebrate Groundhog Day tomorrow- we'll be staying in a bed and breakfast and hoping we don't get stuck there :)

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