Tuesday, February 19, 2013

painting success story

Just as I had hoped, I have great news to report today about our successful weekend of painting.  It would be almost impossible for me to describe to you how much I dislike painting, so for me to call the weekend successful is a pretty big deal.  After mulling over what makes painting less miserable, here's what I came up with:

The Right Painting Partner.  And no, I'm sorry, but you cannot borrow mine.  Steve did way  more than half the work and kept on painting while I did stuff like get lunch together and put away laundry.  It was great to have a few small breaks, while knowing that we were still making progress!

The Right Tools.  We picked up a few new brushes on Friday night, made sure we had more than enough paint (don't you hate running out when you're almost done?!) and cut out part of a vinegar jug to make the perfect paint holder.  We also brought in plenty of lamps so we could see what we were doing and a CD player to keep things peppy. 

Impromptu Snow Storm.  I guess this is only a good thing if you love snow.  We haven't seen any all winter, so I was thrilled when it started snowing really hard on Saturday afternoon.  It looked so beautiful and made it seem like just the right thing to be cozy inside, painting away. 

Meat Picnic.  That's right- meat picnic.  We finished up for the day right before dinner time and ran out to pick up food from our favorite barbecue place.  We ordered the biggest thing on the menu, which included pulled pork, beer can chicken, beef brisket, and ribs, among other things.  It was like heaven. 

We sat on the floor and watched a movie while we ate and it was so much fun that I almost forgot that we'd been painting all day.  And that we still had more to do. 

But now the brushes have all been washed and we are done for reals and that is the best part of any painting project. 


  1. Music was KEY when I recently painted my kitchen and bathroom, but it would have been SO much better if I'd had a painting partner! What a great feeling to get it done! :)

  2. And that barbecue totally looks like heaven - I agree!!



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