Monday, February 25, 2013

the best parts of the weekend

Our weekend was kind of rainy, kind of sniffle-y (it's cold season!), but also several kinds of good.  We had a rare chance to meet up with a whole slew of my extended family and we took it.  I hadn't seen some of them in a year, four years, eight years, nineteen years.  This was a visit long overdue. 

One of my favorite parts was seeing so many of my cousins, who I spent lots of time with as a child, but not so much time with since then.  I love getting to know them now, as adults.  They're even cooler than they were when we were kids. 

The other highlight of the weekend?  Our new slippers arrived in the mail.  If you recall, we're kind of serious about slippers around here. 
I chose these sweater bootie slippers from Land's End for optimal warmth.  My current slippers are clogs and the back of my foot and ankle get way too cold.  Land's End has their slippers on sale right now, plus I found a coupon online, but I'm telling you these things would have totally been worth full price.  I'm trying not to brag about them too much right now, because Steve's new slippers didn't fit and we have to exchange them.  It seems cruel to gloat over how toasty my feet are when he's still scuffing along in his six year old slippers. 

So today (while my feet are nice and warm) I am working on bow ties again.  We've got a lot of fun new things planned for the shop this spring and, with some luck, the first items will be rolling out early next week!  Stay tuned for more details!

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