Friday, February 15, 2013

choose love

One of the most valuable life lessons that I have learned and am still learning is to focus my energy on things that I can change, as opposed to things that are out of my control.  I think that this lesson is especially pertinent on Valentine's day. 
I can't make anyone love me, but I sure can spend the day showing love to others.  And it's almost impossible to have a bad day when you spend all your time thinking about how you can make the people around you smile.  Just try it- I bet you'll love it too. 

Steve and I cooked a special breakfast together yesterday morning.  He was in charge of making mochas and I made the eggs. 

Then I dropped him off at the train station and set out to run a bunch of errands and drop off treats and surprises along the way.  I was, of course, wearing red. 

During my few minutes at home, I set up a table by the fireplace in preparation for dinner.  The daffodils are from our yard- they just bloom earlier every year!

After a lovely afternoon that included more friends and raspberry almond bar deliveries, I picked up dinner and my sweetheart and we headed home.  We feasted on fancy cheese, blue cheese meatballs, cajun sweet potato wedges and lots of other treats from Whole Foods while we sat by the fire in our pajamas. 

The best thing about the evening was being unhurried.  We lingered over each course and caught up with each other and drank lots of sparkling water and tangerine soda. 

It was a great day and it ended with a canoli.  We didn't even get into the fancy chocolate that I bought, so it looks like we have a fun weekend ahead as well. 
In between chocolate, we're painting (ick!), running errands, and Steve will be getting a much-needed haircut.  Luckily, Monday is President's Day, so we have an extra day off to get everything done.  I'll meet you back here on Tuesday, hopefully with a successful painting story!  Hope your weekend is full of opportunities to share love (and chocolate)!

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