Friday, November 02, 2012

new office: the details

The only art hanging in my new office is this large color grid from Spoonflower.  I love it.  It came in the mail a few months ago when we were heavy into fabric design and I thought it was so lovely that I immediately knew I would hang it.  It's easier to reference that way too. 
I cut the grid into two big pieces and then machine appliqued them onto some white canvas.  Then I stretched the whole thing around two 24" x 30" canvases from Michael's.  They are super light, so they each just need one little nail to hang. 
Since I have such lovely, colorful "office supplies", I wanted to use them to my advantage when decorating.  I've long displayed my regular machine thread in a shadow box and wanted to display my serger thread as well.  We found this shelf at (where else?) TJMaxx and added some picture hangers to the back so we could mount it on the wall. 

I needed a large bulletin board for my office as well, but was running out of wall space.  I ended up making a long bulletin board underneath the shelves above my desk.  I bought three 14" x 14" cork tiles from Joann Fabrics and covered them with this lovely print by Anna Maria Horner.  It's great to be able to have tracking labels, notes, and inspiration pictures right in front of me when I need them. 

For my desk drawers, I splurged on these linen drawer organizers at Target.  They were like $12 each and I wavered, but they really are great. 

These scrap fabric boxes were another project I've been working on.  Previously, my scraps were all crammed into one small drawer.  I wanted to be able to divide them up by color, so I bought four gift boxes with removable lids from Michael's and Joann Fabrics.  Then I picked some wrapping paper from Paper Source and wrapped each box and lid individually.  I ended up spending about $4 on each box, which was a much better deal than buying one of the already cute storage boxes out there. 

I think I mentioned earlier that the office is almost done.  There are still lighting issues to be worked out.  I still don't know what time it is unless I'm at the computer (not necessarily a bad thing).  And I'd like a sewing stool with a padded seat and adjustable height- could be a total pipe dream.  But, overall, it's done and I'm thrilled.  A big thanks to Steve for his assistance with furniture assembly, hanging stuff, surviving Ikea, and just generally being really helpful. 

Is anyone else surprised that Daylight Savings Time is here already?  I always love getting the extra hour on Saturday night, but is sure is a shock when it gets dark at 4pm on Sunday! 

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  1. I like how you grouped this topic into two sections. The big things and the small things. Nice tour. Thank you.



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