Thursday, February 09, 2012

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Today I'm linking up with Gussy Sews to talk about organization.  I love to be organized.  When I was looking around the house today for my favorite organizational tools, I realized that I hadn't yet shown you our new tea chest.  It was a Christmas gift from the Winters and we are just crazy about it.  I get an irrational amount of joy out of putting the different types of tea in the little slots. 

Along those same lines is my thread shadowbox.  Being able to see all of my thread, sorted by color, is just super helpful.  I remember the old days of having to dig to the bottom of a container for the right shade.  Those days are a distant memory now.  (ps- recently, Steve told someone that I made the thread shadowbox.  I did not.  But I was real flattered that he thought I did.)

Several of the pictures on the inspiration board I've been working on have an organizational theme.  You may be wondering how I can be inspired towards a sewing project by tiny vegetables in little boxes.  I honestly can't wait to show you. 

I also can't wait any longer to tell you about an exciting new feature on my blog!  You may have already noticed today's "Daily Deal" in the sidebar.  Every Thursday, I will be offering a new "Daily Deal" to my blog readers.  It may be an item from my shop, or it may be something I've whipped up that hasn't made it to the shop yet.  Here is what it will be though:
        - really cute and probably something you've been wanting/needing
        - at least 20% off the regular price
        - only available for 24 hours

The daily deal items will also be pretty exclusive, meaning I only have one or two of them to sell.  So be sure to check in early and if you see something you like, snap it up before someone else gets it! 
As I get ready to launch some exciting new products this spring (some of them inspired by tiny vegetable bins), I need to make a little room, so I think this will be a great way to offer an amazing value to my customers, while freeing up some space!  I can't wait to see who gets today's deal!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love your organized thread!! I love when things are organized by color. And those colorful veggies are soooooo cute! I'm totally inspired by vegetables!! :)

  2. I love that tea box! I think I need one of those!

  3. Hi Lauren,
    The shadow box thread display is so perfect! Every little spool in its place. Love the visual of colour!
    The tea box is fantastic! Visiting via Gussy Sews!
    All the Best,

  4. i love that thread shadow box! where did you find it?



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