Thursday, February 16, 2012

let them eat cake

Last night, Steve took some beautiful pictures of the paper whites on our mantle.  Although I usually don't mention which one of us has taken a particular picture, I wanted to be sure to give photo credit on this one because it is so fancy.  And I'm not sure if I could have figured out how to take pictures in the dark like that. 

So- have you seen the daily deal today?  Pretty exciting, yes?  This green scarf was probably my favorite of the four scarf patterns I chose to make this winter, yet it's the only one that has yet to make it into the shop.  I made one for myself and I wear it all the time and what keeps happening is that people see it, ask to buy one, and then I sell out of the fabric and have to order more, all before I get any great pictures.  But I happen to have two in stock right now and thought it would be the perfect time to share them with you.  I haven't worn a knitted scarf at all this winter, but these cotton scarves have been the perfect thing for just a little extra warmth. 

My main task for the day is baking a chocolate cake for Steve's mom's birthday celebration this weekend.  I love baking cakes and it's pretty rainy and gray out today, which makes it even better.  The oven warming up the kitchen, the smell of chocolate all through the house- I'm living the dream over here. 

Hope your weekend is lovely!

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