Friday, November 16, 2012

only today

Steve is working from home today and I am glad that he will get to enjoy the leaves with me, all day long.  It's true- sometimes I catch a glimpse of our back yard, all red and yellow, and I feel guilty that I am here and he is not. 

Lately, I've been in super think-ahead mode.  I guess almost everyone is with the holiday season upon us.  (Is it really upon us?  I still can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week.)  How do you approach the holidays one day at a time when it seems like everything requires pre-planning?  Meals, gifts, travel, parties, everything has to be thought through. 
Sometimes all the thinking makes me weary. 
So today, I am giving myself the gift of thinking only about today.  We need clean socks, we need something for dinner, and there are little threads all over the living room floor.  I'm looking forward to working my way through that list and, when I'm done?  Feeling done.  Feeling ready to enjoy the weekend and the fall air and my trusty companion. 
Tonight we're trying this new recipe- I'll be sure to report back here next week and let you know how it was!

1 comment:

  1. You. Are. Adorable! And, thanks for the "Only Today" reminder.



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