Monday, November 26, 2012

we gave it our best shot

Well, we celebrated Thanksgiving in full-on party mode.  There was turkey.  There was pie.  There was blood orange sparkling soda in the middle of the day.  And we were all properly thankful. 
The theme of this year's Thanksgiving was supposed to be relaxation.  I give us a 7 out of 10.  Sometimes we have trouble relaxing.  Sometimes we think that work is relaxing.  Sometimes we find ourselves running an online business that doesn't take holiday breaks. 
I completed a couple of major sewing projects last week and was so excited to get some pictures of them.  Thankfully, the weather was pretty great and we spent lots of time outside and then taking pictures seemed less like work and more like fun. 
One new item in the shop is a lunch box that was designed specifically with Steve in mind.  In fact, I made him one first, then made another because I liked it so much.  It has a large, flat bottom and can hold enough food for two regular people, or one very hungry man. 
We were even able to multi-task on a few chores (does that count as relaxing?) and I took pictures of Steve modeling some new scarves while he hung the Christmas lights.  Festive, right? 
I've been saving up things to share with you over the long weekend, so stop back in tomorrow for some more fun stuff!
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