Tuesday, November 13, 2012

long weekend

I am beginning my work week one day late after a lovely Veteran's Day spent relaxing, picnicking with Steve, and having dinner with friends.  It's amazing how long a long weekend can feel.  We had guests here on Saturday (who, incidentally, were so much fun that we're hoping they'll all come back real soon) and it seems like a week ago now. 
The downside to a long weekend, of course, is waking up today with that panic-y, must get one thousand things done, feeling.  I'm trying to squelch it by starting on laundry early, making a detailed list of what to do, and staying focused.  Oh, and also tea.  There will probably be lots of tea today to spur me along. 
It's dark out this morning.  I'm setting my ironing board up in front of the window so that I can see the leaves and watch the squirrels run around frantically, preparing for winter.  Those squirrels crack me up. 

Today I am mainly working on more of these pouches, in two different sizes.  I'm hoping to finish two dozen this week to send out to my retail stores and sell at upcoming shows.  Wish me luck!

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