Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We arrived home on Sunday to find a large box on the front porch marked "Live" and "Perishable". 

Frankly, I was a little nervous. 

Steve has been asking for a kitten.  A real one too, not this cutout we keep on the fridge to hold him over.

However, much to my delight, the box contained a pink lemonade blueberry bush from some dear friends.  The plant's description said that the lovely pink blueberries make this bush a beautiful contribution to your "snackscape". 


Why have I not been snackscaping all along? 

We have honeysuckle along the back fence and herbs, peas, and strawberries in the garden, but those are the only two spots in the yard that you can eat from and my eyes have now been opened to what a silly idea that is.  Why not eat from every bed, bush, and tree?  It has long been my philosophy that the only plants worth having produce either flowers or food, but now I'm willing to give up on the flowers a bit.  Aren't clusters of pink berries as pretty as a flower?  I think they probably are. 

So now I'm on a hunt for more beautiful edible plants.  I won't rest until I can nibble my way through the yard.   

Note to self: add "snackscaping architect" to list of future business ideas. 

*the images with berries were found online here and here.  My bush will not get berries this spring, but maybe next year.  But aren't they pretty?!*

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