Monday, May 02, 2011

we bring the party with us

We spent Saturday hanging out at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.  We packed a picnic lunch and our party garland. 

No surface was safe from decoration.  We must have draped every bench, tree, umbrella, trellis, and bush with that garland.  Once you see how cool it looks hanging outside, you just want to try it everywhere. 

I can hardly wait to tell you why we needed so many garland pictures. 

I'll give you a clue. 

There are more garlands in the near future.  And matching party accessories.  In various swanky color schemes, dreamed up by me and my handsome business partner during our latest business meeting. 

See?  Handsome.  And business-savvy.  He's quite the catch.

One of our favorite things about going to large gardens is all the pathways and nooks and crannies and secret spaces.  We discussed if this was something we could accomplish in our quarter acre yard.  Wouldn't it be magical if you could somehow get lost on a quarter of an acre? 

If you could skip through an opening in the hedge to discover what is hiding around the bend...

And find your very own foxgloves that you have been nursing along, from seed, for the past three years, finally in bloom? (For reals, those are our foxgloves, not the botanical garden's, although they had some nice ones as well)

Nothing like a trip to a garden to inspire us to do great things with our own little plot of land.  

Nothing like a party garland to inspire us to throw a party.  The Derby's this weekend.  All I need is a hat. 

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