Monday, May 09, 2011

round here

There's something magical about having birds nest in the ferns on the porch.  Even though they tear out lots of fern fronds.  Even though they make it difficult to water.  Even though they act bossy and make a mess and generally take over the front porch for a month or so. 

It makes me feel chosen. 

They could have laid those precious little eggs anywhere, but they chose our house.

I don't blame them.

Things look pretty good around here in May. 

The peas are almost ready.  Although we opted for a mostly herb garden this year, Steve planted some leftover pea seeds and I love seeing them climbing up the trellis. 

Speaking of herbs, guess who came back after a long fall/winter of playing dead?   I know, I'm super excited too. 

Also back and better than ever- the Russian sage.  We planted this about three years ago and it just keeps getting bigger.  This year, it is up to my shoulders already and I don't even think it's done growing.  I love Russian sage because it has little purple buds that look like lavender and they dry nicely on the stem.  Sometimes I bring some inside and the dried blooms look lovely for months. 

This is one of last year's hydrangea cuttings.  I am thrilled that it's flowering on its first year and also thrilled that the flowers appear to be pink.  With hydrangeas, it's always a surprise, but pink is my favorite. 

We've been reading a neat book called 'Great Possessions: An Amish Farmer's Journal' and the author is an amazing bird watcher, among other things.  It has us both inspired to be able to identify more birds, both by sight and sound.  The family in the book keep a list of all the birds they see on their property each year.  I think we might start one.  Bluebird- check. 

And finally, I'm excited to show you the new party garland I'm working on later this week!  It's navy and white and super classy.  It reminds me of sailor suits and the fourth of July- perfect for summer!

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