Tuesday, May 24, 2011

we all scream for ice cream

Last night was our second annual end-of-the-year bible study ice cream party.  Of course there were yard games involved.  We set up the badminton net for the occasion. 

We filled a big metal tub with ice and frozen treats and set up bowls of toppings on the counter. 

The flavors of the evening were: vanilla, key lime pie, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, and mango sorbet.  Everything was homemade, except for the mint chocolate chip that looked suspiciously like it was from Food Lion.  However, the carton was still empty by the end of the night.  It's hard to be picky about ice cream. 

Post ice cream, the badminton competition got fierce.  And by fierce I mean a little bit terrifying.

We sat on the patio and enjoyed the evening together.  Some of these friends I have known for years.  We've shared meals and holidays and all the little details of life together.  Others, I just met this year and am still learning who they are and what they love.  And a couple of them I just met last night. 

One thing is certain though- as we watched the sky get dark and pulled our chairs closer to the glow of the porch light, telling stories and laughing until our sides hurt, I was glad for each and every one of them. 

Today we took advantage of the badminton net, still up in the yard, and played a little bit before Steve had to leave for work.  It's another beautiful day and I'm already thinking through the logistics of moving the sewing machine outside.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

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