Friday, May 27, 2011

it's been six years

I remember waking up to rainy skies and a mom and a best friend who lied and told me the weather was beautiful and sent me straight to the shower, hoping against hope that it would clear up quickly.  I remember noticing the rain, but also noticing that it cleared up before we even left the house and the day turned beautiful and perfect. 

I remember all the ladies at the hair salon fussing over me and marveling that I didn't seem a bit nervous and I remember thinking, "how could I be nervous when I'm going to marry the kindest man I've ever met?" 

I remember pacing around the Sunday school room that we used for dressing, eating bagels and cantaloupe and thinking that we should have had a morning wedding.  Once I was dressed and ready, I didn't want to spend one more minute not married to Steve.

I remember walking down the aisle and only vaguely registering the faces staring at me from both sides of the church.  I remember looking straight at Steve, keeping my eye on the prize, and smiling so big my cheeks hurt. 

I remember hearing the vows come out of my mouth and thinking that it didn't even sound like my voice and that I had never before pledged anything so serious. 

I remember the music and walking fast out of the sanctuary and arriving in the back before anyone else.  I remember kissing and kissing and looking at our rings and sitting down because we were just so overwhelmed with it all that we couldn't stand up anymore. 

And here we are, six years later, and sometimes we are still so overwhelmed with it all that we can't stand up anymore.  I am completely and utterly bowled over by the gift of our marriage.  With each passing year, it just gets better. 

This weekend, we are headed to Asheville to celebrate and to spend time with some old friends.  I am putting the finishing touches on the party kits today, so between our trip and some new products, I should have plenty to share next week.  Here's hoping that your holiday weekend is lovely!


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I wasn't nervous on our wedding day either - I was very excited :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Congratulations! You and Steve are such an inspiration to me. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  3. Happy Anniversary My Dear... now why didn't you post a picture of your get away car ride ;) Oh Yeah!



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