Monday, March 18, 2013

how to carry your shoes in style

I was talking to my mom last night about my newest product- the shoe bag- and realized that I hadn't shared it here on the blog yet.  The shoe bag was created because of the belief that many women (and men) take an extra pair of shoes to work with them and might enjoy a professional-looking bag in which to carry them.
This belief comes mainly from observation and speculation, not personal experience.  I work at home, in my slippers
(Side note: I realized that it would be helpful to photograph the bag with a work-type shoe, which I do not own, so I sent a last minute email to Natalie the night before she arrived here that said, "Bring a pair of sensible pumps.  This is not a joke."  And, like a true best friend, she showed up with these nice shoes for us to photograph.)
So- the shoe bag!  I used a lovely natural colored canvas that is pretty heavy.  The zipper is brass, which I think adds just the right amount of fancy.  The bag has a wide leather handle at one end and a leather tab at the other.  I adore the color of the leather- it's a piece I have that isn't large enough for bags, but works quite well for smaller embellishments. 
The bag is unlined, so I enclosed all the inside seams with blue and khaki striped bias tape.  It's like a fun surprise when you open it! 
Although I originally had the office on the brain when I designed this, I've thought of so many other uses since then- like travel or storage (keep the dust off your wedding shoes!) or things that aren't even shoes. 
We had a successful fabric shopping trip over the weekend, so today I'm getting organized for the next round of bow ties and pocket squares- just in time for Easter!

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