Tuesday, March 05, 2013

how to fold a pocket square: four point style

In conjunction with our new line of menswear items, Steve and I are working on some tutorials for how to actually use these items.  We have been doing a lot of research on tying bow ties and folding pocket squares and today I'm going to share one of the techniques we used during last weekend's photo shoot: folding a four point pocket square. 

Lay your pocket square on a flat surface with the points facing up and down, like a diamond.

Fold the bottom point up toward the top point, but slightly to the right.  The two points should be even in height and your pocket square should look like a triangle now.

Fold the left corner of the triangle up toward the top two points, but also slightly to the right of the farthest right point.  Now you should have three points, all even in height. 

Fold the right corner of the triangle up toward the top three points, but slightly to the left of the farthest left point.  Now you have four points, all even in height. 

Fold the left side in towards the center.

Fold the right side in towards the center.  You will probably have to hold these folds in place. 

Fold the bottom point up towards the center to meet the side points.  Now your pocket square should look like a rectangle with a jagged top edge. 

Flip the folded square over and slip it into a pocket. 

You can choose to have a lot of point showing, or just the tips.  I love how the contrasting rolled hem on our pocket squares really shows off the detail of this fold! 
Did you know that a man's pocket square is supposed to coordinate with, but not match, his tie?  That means that a striped pocket square shouldn't be worn with a striped bow tie, but would be brilliant with a solid blue one

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