Tuesday, March 12, 2013

popcorn on the porch

How to describe a weekend with my best friend?  It was fun and crazy and messy.  It felt too short, as usual.  It was loud (every time she comes, she seems to bring more children with her...).  It was just what I needed. 

There was lots of eating, lots of laughing, lots of reminiscing.  There were made up games and hot chocolate chip cookies.  There was, thanks to our wonderful husbands, a little bit of time to talk about important things, like raising kids and being brave and big life decisions. 

Our house narrowly survived the visit.  By the time they left, the front porch was strewn with popcorn and crumpled up paper.  There were finger and nose prints on every glass surface and not a clean dish towel or napkin to be found. 

But within a few hours after they left, the house looked fairly normal, the washer was cranking out clean linens, and I found myself secretly wishing that someone would call me from the potty for help. 
"It's so quiet in here," Steve commented as we prepared dinner. 

In other words, we miss them terribly already. 
Thankfully, I have plenty to work on to keep me busy this week.  The big tote bag sale is still on and I have sold out of a couple of styles already.  We're participating in a wedding show in April, which means I'm making lots more bow ties!  And I have a fun new product that I'm photographing today that should be listed in the shop by the end of the week.  Whew- I love a long to-do list!

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