Thursday, March 14, 2013

you're never fully dressed without a... scarf

Now that spring is almost here (please, spring, be almost here!), my thoughts are turning from long infinity scarves to something a bit smaller- the square scarf.  I've seen these jaunty neck scarves popping up all over the place and they always remind me of really stylish women- Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly. 

Audrey really knew how to rock a scarf.  And I've been learning, so I thought I'd share a bit of the process. 

Start by folding your square scarf in half, like a triangle.  My scarves are about 22" square, but you could use a slightly larger or smaller size. 

Fold the point of the triangle up towards the long side at the top, but not touching it. 

Fold the scarf in half from the bottom to the top as many times as you need to to achieve the width you like.  I folded mine two more times. 

Now you have a long, skinny strip of scarf that you can do lots of things with.  Tie it around your hair with the knot on top and tuck the ends under.  Tie it onto the strap of your bag for some extra flair.  Or tie it around your neck.

I like to tie a basic knot off to one side of my neck.  Remember- not too tight!  When you do this, you will be left with one end pointing down and one pointing up. 

Tuck the end that points up down between the scarf and your neck so that it comes out the bottom and both ends are pointing in the same direction.  Easy!
I think that these square scarves are a nice alternative to a necklace when you want something a little different.  I have two color options in the shop right now and more on the way!

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