Friday, October 01, 2010


There was something very satisfying about finishing these little blocks. Their chunky square-ness reminds me somehow of a three year old boy with stocky legs. Sturdy but cute. Apparently someone else felt the same way, because they sold within an hour of posting them in the shop. So now I get to make another set.

Also satisfying? Soup and homemade bread for dinner. This is my favorite soup and I could probably eat it for two weeks straight without minding a bit. In fact, every time I'm done with a bowl of it, I feel a little sad (much like the CAC hot dog incident, if anyone remembers that). I found the recipe here and now I don't really remember what I did before I had it.

Although I don't always have the time, I love to make things that take a long time to prepare. I think I feel like the food actually tastes better or is better for us if I've spent hours on it. (And just in case you were starting to think I am a total weirdo, let me mention that I would only spend hours preparing a meal that would provide at least three more meals of leftovers. I'm not crazy.)

This loaf of french bread also turned out rather nicely. For the first time, I used my Kitchen Aid mixer for the kneading and although it took a little fine tuning, I think that it was a success. We've been eating it with the soup all week, but I think it would make great sandwiches as well.

I am very satisfied with all that today holds- a trip to the grocery store, cooking at home, coffee with a friend, and then my mom arrives! What a terrific start to the weekend! I hope that yours is equally satisfying.

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