Thursday, October 07, 2010

starting out

Today I am packaging up some gifts for people who are just starting out. I think that every new beginning is a gift-worthy celebration and am so thankful to actually have the time to make these gifts.

This little embroidered zipper pouch is for a sweet friend who is just starting out in college. What an exciting/scary time that is and I have been thinking about my early days in college this week as I think of her. I am hoping that this pouch will be a little reminder of home and a reminder that someone back here is rooting for her.

This ball is a gift for some family members who are just starting out as parents. There is nobody who deserves presents quite like a new baby, even though they can't appreciate them. But what a gift, when you get older, to be told by your parents, "All these people sent gifts when you were born because you were that special."

I also think there is a friendship just starting out for me. While I was on a walk today, I met the two little girls that live behind us. I knew something was up when they came running to meet me as I approached their house (we have never spoken before). Our conversation was brief, but hilarious. It went something like this:

girls: Hi! What's your name?

me: My name is Lauren.

girls: Lauren with an L?

me: Yes. Are you enjoying the sunshine today?

girls: Yes it's hot outside. Do you go to school?

me: No

girls: Oh! We're homeschooled too!

me: (silently wondering why I am so easily mistaken for an 8 year old)

girls: Where do you live?

me: Back behind those trees. (I point to our house.)

girls: How did you get all the way over here?!?

me: I walked. I'm taking a walk.

girls: We're going to go inside and get something to drink now. You'll probably need a drink too when you get home.

me: Probably so. It was nice to meet you both.

girls: (one of them is holding hands with me at this point) We like you. You're very very pretty.

me: Well, thank you. You are both very pretty too. I'll see you later.

girls: Bye! Bye Lauren! Lauren with an L!

I am sort of waiting for them to show up at the back door and ask Steve if I can come out and play. I hope he says yes.

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