Tuesday, January 22, 2013

behind the scenes

We had a great weekend.  We really did.  We ran errands and relaxed; cooked together and ate out with friends; cleaned the car and played tennis. 
We took 578 pictures this weekend.  And they were all of me.  Yikes.  
I had seven scarves and about eighteen bags that desperately needed to be photographed on a person.  Specifially, a female person.  And when you're running a small business, you often end up doing the less desireable tasks.  Like being photographed 578 times. 

And if, by chance, it's January and you are being photographed outside in a thin shirt, you may find yourself putting on all seven scarves at one time to keep warm.  Which worked quite well, if you were wondering.

Steve, in his infinite patience and helpfulness, was the perfect photographer and worked hard to get the shots done as quickly as possible.  He shouted out things like "turn ten degrees to your left" or "move your elbow" while circling me with the camera to get the best angle.  If you're trying to picture this in your head, yes we were out in public and yes, people stared.  I've kind of gotten used to it and I just try to pretend that I'm famous and it's regular to stand around in sunglasses while a man using a very long camera lens yells commands from down the sidewalk. 

I'm still working my way through all the bag photos, but they will be showing up in the shop throughout the week.  Also, if you're looking for baby gifts, grab them now because most of the baby items will be disappearing from the shop within the next two weeks.  We're doing some restructuring and I'm super excited about it. 
Today I'm straightening up the house after the long weekend and making a quinoa salad to go with the leftover hamburgers we'll be having for dinner- so good!


  1. You are the perfect model! Love the pix! Great job, Steve!

  2. i love all those scarves. and they look great all worn at once :)



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