Friday, January 18, 2013


Yesterday started out dark.  The daffodils were up, but the sky was gray and the air was wet. 
As the day went on, it just got darker.  I drove around and ran errands and got soaked every single time I got out of the car.  
It rained and the backyard flooded and I couldn't wait until we could finally be home for good in our cozy, dry house. 
After dinner, the power went out.  And then it was really dark.
Thankfully, we already had a fire going.  We lit a few candles and spent the evening by the fire.  We talked and ate chocolate and played Yahtzee and Steve played Turkey in the Straw on his mandolin.  It was a lot like camp.  Or the 1800s.  
This morning, we woke to sunshine and frost and electricity (yea!).  I'm looking forward to snapping some pictures while the sun shines and making soup for the weekend.  Steve is working from home and I couldn't be happier for the company!  We've got a long weekend ahead with several fun things planned- I'll meet you back here on Tuesday to tell you all about it.  

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