Thursday, January 24, 2013

the secret life of layers

Good morning, friends!  Is it chilly where you are today?  Our thermometer was already reading the estimated high of 36 when we woke up, so I piled on several layers to keep out the cold.
I've learned a couple of valuable lessons lately about layering for warmth that seem so super obvious, I'm not sure why I haven't always known them.  But I didn't and maybe you don't and I hate to keep such important knowledge to myself. 
Number one: always tuck in.  I am not a tucker.  I tell myself that women's pants are not conducive to tucking (they're not) and that I like the look of a shirt peeking out from under another shirt (I do).  But I have started wearing an extra shirt, usually just a thin tank top, just for tucking in.  It has been practically life changing in the area of warmth because, no matter which way I bend, there is never a draft.  
Number two: legs need layers too.  Now I know- nobody wants to look thicker than they already are in the winter.  But I bought these long underwear last week and have worn them almost every day since and I'm telling you that you want some.  They are fitted enough and silky enough to wear under my slimmest fitting jeans without any problem.  


Number three: solid colors are your friend.  Now, as a person who owns more striped shirts than I care to admit, it is sometimes difficult for me to buy a solid colored shirt.  They seem boring.  But what is boring on its own is just the thing for layering!  Last week I needed a solid white shirt to use for photo shoots, so I ran into Target right before I had to pick Steve up from the train station.  As fate would have it, long sleeves were on sale.  I found two different white styles that I liked, and then grabbed a black and a pink in the same styles.  I didn't intend to buy so many shirts, but I got wooed by the cuffs- I love shirts with cuffs that are at least 2" wide.  My plan was to try them on at home and return the ones I didn't want.  Except once I got them home, I realized that I didn't have any other solid shirts and started wearing these four under absolutely everything. 
I think the best thing (other than being way more comfortable) about my new found layering knowledge is that it makes me more likely to want to be outside during the winter.  One of my goals for this year is to be outside more and I'm excited to say that I'm off to a great start!
Speaking of layers, we have three events over the next four days that I need to provide dessert for, so I'm working on a double layer Peppermint Chocolate cake today.  Steve and I are both so excited about it- I just hope we'll be able to save some to share with our guests!

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  1. So many things to say about this post:

    1.Growing up in Buffalo, you learn to layer before you learn just about anything else. You are spot on with the tank just for tucking in.
    2. I love, love, love solid colors for many reasons, including the ones you mentioned. I'll be stopping by to "borrow" your solid shirts.
    3. If you can believe it, due to layering I've actually enjoyed being outside on the cold but beautiful days.
    4. I absolutely want a slice of peppermint chocolate cake. I'm assuming it's okay to stop by for my slice tomorrow.



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