Friday, December 07, 2012

it's beginning to look a little like Christmas

 Well, we finally let the tree come inside.  The other night we made a party of it and had Rudolph playing on TV while we set up the tree and got out the rest of the decorations.  Yesterday, I finished emptying the boxes from the attic and put away the last of the pumpkins.  I miss them already. 

Incidentally, we had so much fun getting our Christmas tree last year that we decided to make it a tradition.  Here is Steve, standing in a vacant lot, pretending he cut down this tree.  People were literally craning their necks to see what we were doing as we made our way home. 

Last year, Steve's mom gave us these ceramic stars and I've been plotting all year about the best place to display them.  I was able to loop them around our dining room chandelier so that we can eat under the stars all month!  (Also, I'll probably leave them up way past Christmas.)

Today, Steve has the day off and we are planning to work on lots of gifts, like little elves.  And maybe we'll watch "Elf", to top it all off.  We've got a full weekend of holiday fun ahead of us and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be cold enough to wear a scarf!

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