Wednesday, December 05, 2012

one stop shop

I rarely get dressed up.  I mean, let's be honest- I rarely leave the house.  But when I do leave the house, it's to go to Target, the grocery store, the bank, a friend's house, the fabric store, church... you get the picture.  And we don't go to a dress-up church. 

But, on the few occasions that I need to look fancy, I always find myself rifling through purses five minutes before we need to leave, wondering why I don't have something proper to carry.  You know- something that is just big enough for a few essentials and that doesn't clash with my outfit. 

So, this holiday season, I designed a fancy clutch.  The outside is black with metallic silver threads running through it so it shimmers in the light.  It literally matches everything.  I made a whole bunch of these, lined with either hot pink, or aqua.  I also made a fancy fluff of a zipper pull that is removable, if you're not into that much bling. 

The clutch is 9" wide and 6" tall- just right for my phone, sunglasses, and chapstick.  I'll admit- I've been carrying one when Steve and I go out even if I'm just wearing jeans. 

So the clutches are in the shop, along with a bunch of other new items just in time for Christmas.  I made a few new fabric bead necklaces that would make a fun, non-traditional jewelry gift. 
I also stocked up on these leather and wool pouches in multiple sizes.  Don't they look cozy?  I am excited to be offering so many products for men this year and hope it will make Plumfield Shop more of a one-stop-shop for gifts.  (Don't worry- the leather pouches aren't just for men.)
I've also added a few new scarf patterns to the shop, as we've sold out of several already.  I've had a few requests for infinity scarves thus far and yes- any scarf in the shop can be made in the infinity style- just ask when you order!
Now that the fun work of sewing all these products is behind me, I get the equally fun task of making sure all orders arrive in time for Christmas!  Since everything is ready to ship, most items will be on their way the very next day after you place an order.  Sometimes, if you order in the morning, I will ship your package the same day and tie it to the mailbox with garden twine in what I can only hope makes an amusing anecdote for the mail lady to tell when she gets home at night.  I try to spread holiday cheer in whatever way I can. 
Happy Shopping!

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