Monday, December 03, 2012

warm December

Good morning, friends- happy Monday and happy December!  I sure do love this month.  And not just because we're getting lots of Christmas orders and my front porch tends to look like an ad for the US Postal Service.  Although that part is really fun too. 

We had a good time at the Christmas Bazaar this weekend.  Much of that was due to the festive, bustling atmosphere, the smell of fresh greenery, and the holiday drinks from Starbucks that Steve picked up for us.  Afterwards, we came home and raked leaves and marveled over the fact that it was sixty degrees outside. 

Our Christmas tree is still lounging on the back patio, waiting to come inside.  The boxes of decorations have made it down from the attic, but are still in the garage.  I think the warm weather is stunting my desire to decorate.  But there's still plenty of time AND there is supposed to be a cold front moving in later this week. 

We did bake some spicy gingerbread sticks on Saturday night and they are almost gone.  We gave some of them away, but have certainly eaten our fair share.  Steve thinks that the shape deceives you into eating more of them.  I think we just like cookies. 
Today I am catching up on the laundry and working on a new product design- an iPod case, just in time for Christmas!  I'll be sharing pictures of this and a few other new products later this week. 

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