Wednesday, August 03, 2011


This morning found me drinking iced lattes with Steve and running errands early to beat the heat. 

These were not even fun errands.  These were the kind of errands that you'd rather not even bother with, but you really do need a nine volt battery to silence the beeping smoke alarm, so you go anyway. 

But then!  As if the universe were rewarding you for your diligence (I don't really believe in rewards from the universe, but just go with me here), you pass a table of tank tops on your way to the batteries and there is a lovely gray one and you had just been wishing for a gray tank top and they have your size and it's $3.88!  And of course, as it goes with serendipitous occasions such as this, you take it home and try it on and its a perfect fit.  Of course. 

My afternoon will be spent packing.  I already know what I'm wearing, so it should go quickly. 

I found this great luggage tag that was a gift that I've not been able to use yet.  I don't think I've ever had an actual luggage tag before.  It feels very official, like maybe I'm a seasoned traveller instead of someone who only flies once every two years. 

I'm also excited to pack in this new zipper pouch that I made last week.  It matches my big travel bag.  It was going to be for the shop, but I had some issues getting the zipper to lay correctly, so it ended up being for me.  Better luck next time, shop. 

I made the pouch to try out this laminated cotton that I purchased a while back.  I think it will be great for makeup. 

We'll be flying the friendly skies tomorrow and then hopefully doing a whole lot of not much, but I've scheduled some posts for while I'm gone. 

Speaking of while I'm gone- yesterday was kind of a big day for Plumfield Shop- my one year shopiversary!  To celebrate, I'm offering a special coupon for the week I'll be gone.  Use the coupon code "ONEYEAR" any time between 8/3/11 and 8/9/11 to get 10% off your entire order!  All premade items (everything in the shop is premade, unless it says otherwise in the description) ordered during those dates will ship on 8/10 and any requests for custom items during those dates will still get to use the coupon. 

Have fun shopping while I'm gone- I'll see you next week!

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  1. The luggage tag reminded me-- I am DREAMING of a pretty lanyard and ID holder to wear. As a teacher, I have to wear my ID daily, and after my first year, the plastic to hold my ID is starting to tear and it looks gross! Vera Bradley makes these lanyards ( and I'm pretty sure I've seen just a slim ID holder, like the luggage tag (most of theirs are pouches to hold money+ID+cell phone, etc). I'm sure lots of people would love it if you made your own lanyards and ID holders--other people like me who have to wear their ID all the time, college students who need their keys handy, etc! Just a thought of something I'd do if I was as crafty as you :)



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