Thursday, August 11, 2011

maine street

We found some old newspaper articles at the bed and breakfast and apparently, "Main Street" used to be called "Maine Street". 

How precious is that?

Other than their complete willingness to exploit the name of their state for use in bad puns, here are some other things that I found to love about Bridgton, Maine:

Flowers everywhere.  Flower boxes, flower beds, flowers lining a bridge. 

The big sky.  Every day the sky was so big and the clouds were just tossed up in it and I felt a bit like I was on a movie set. 

Moose Pond, dotted with boats of every color.  All under the big sky. 

Ken's Kove.  Ken's is right across the street from where we stayed and we watched a steady stream of cars drive in and out all day, every day.  People were lining up in the morning before they opened. 

We had an awesome date night that included lots of fried seafood from Ken's, a liter of ginger ale, and a picnic table at the lake.  Oh! and there were loons!  Nothing is quite as romantic as loons, I think. 

Lots of great, old architecture.  Every building is something special. 

Moose Pond.  We could walk there from Nana's house and spent a whole afternoon swimming and laying in the sand.  And we saw an otter. 

Ski slopes in the summer.  I totally have a crush on this mountain.

Downtown after dark.  Actually, downtown is pretty great at any time of day, but it looks especially pretty with the streetlights and shop lights on.  We walked around and it was quiet and cool and most shops were closed, except the ice cream parlor.  We looked in shop windows while we shared our dish of coffee Heath bar crunch. 

Want to see Steve's grandmother on the back of a bicycle?  Stop in tomorrow for the rest of the pictures!

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