Friday, February 25, 2011

bag lady

I really like bags.  I will probably really like this bag in about a week, or however long it takes for me to forget that I broke SIX needles while sewing it.  Six.  Needles. 

It is pretty classy though.  It's got pleats.  And a fancy button loop, the likes of which I had never seen before.  And I think that the bag's, shall we say, girth, shows off this beautiful floral watercolor fabric quite nicely.  Sometimes it's good to be wider than average. 

Here is a peek inside, where there are four large pockets, two on each side.  I wasn't certain how I felt about the large pockets at first, but now that I can see the overall size of the bag, I think they will be useful.  If I had more knitting supplies, I would put a skien of yarn in each pocket and the project I was currently working on in the middle section.  Maybe I need more knitting supplies. 

There were two choices for the handle length and I chose the shorter handles.  I'm happy with that decision.  They are still plenty long enough to swing over my shoulder, but I can also hold the bag by the handles and it doesn't brush the ground. 

There is a long, narrow pocket on each exterior side of the bag.  Perfect for knitting needles.  Or a bottle of water. 

I will probably start using this bag in place of my purse for trips.  I usually end up using my purse as a carry-on bag of sorts (just in the car, but it's a similar principle) and it fills up with snacks, Steve's glasses, my planner, and other assorted goodies.  I think this will work quite well and it is still narrow enough to sit on the floor by my feet if I choose.  Which I usually do.  I can't stand turning around in a moving car and I'm pretty sure it should be illegal. 

Today's plan: pack the new bag full of fun things and jump into the weekend.   

Wishing you a happy one!

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