Friday, February 18, 2011

quick art

I'm still sprucing up my new sewing room.  Our trip to Paper Source a few weeks ago yielded just the thing for the wall next to my sewing table.

Don't you just love dress forms?  I find them.... magical.  It's true.  I get all swoony over dress forms.  And I hope to have one when I grow up. 

So of course I had to have this paper.  It was a small sheet, probably 12 x 12, and it cost $1.95.  I brought it home and found this black frame that was not in use.  On a trip to Walmart to find more frames for our big project, I bought an ivory mat for $2.  Total project cost: $3.95.  Sweet.

I like to turn my head and look at it a lot while I sew.  It slows me down, but is a great morale booster.

I think that my next sewing space project will be a clock.  Although it is lovely to sew and sew with no idea of the time, sometimes I have other obligations in a day (I know, can you imagine?) and I need to stop sewing at a certain point.  I have been scouting around in stores and online for a few weeks now and not found the clock of my dreams, so I think I'll just have to make one. 

The weekend is supposed to be gorgeous and it's a long one!  We've got some ambitious goals, which include painting the house and making mozzarella cheese.  Hope you have something equally exciting planned!

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