Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I promise this is the last post about Valentine's day (this year)

But don't you want to know how it turned out? 

Very nicely, thank you for asking. 

Star and I made valentines last week.  I think that making cards is so much better when you do it with a friend.  Like most things, I guess. 

I loosely based Steve's card on a quilt.  I worked on six small squares and then pasted them onto the front of the card.  The colors remind me of sunshine and sherbet, which are some of Steve's favorite things.  One of the first thoughts I ever had about Steve was that his face reminded me of summertime- all blond and blue and nice white teeth.  I think I try to also make him things that look like summer because they seem like a good fit. 

I was sewing while he worked on my card over the weekend and knowing how much time he put into it makes me love it even more.  What a gift to have someone work hard to make something beautiful, just for me. 

I had already received and worn my Valentine's day treat, but Steve had a few gifts to enjoy when he got home from work.  We have already played the quick version of Bananagrams- Cafe Banana- about 20 times. 
And this lovely orchid?  Really a gift for everyone in this house who gets to look at it.  I'm quite smitten with it.

We capped off the night with appetizers and steaks on the grill and, of course, Charlie Brown.  It's just not a holiday without him. 

And now... onward to spring!  The sun is out, the temperatures are in the 50s, and I am tired of wearing socks.  I'm just going to assume that Punxsutawney Phil was right this year and winter will be over soon.  Because if you can't trust a large rodent to predict the weather, who can you trust? 

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