Monday, November 01, 2010

attention Target team members

100% of the credit for this costume idea goes to my creative husband. Although I did "laminate" our badges with packing tape and hot glue pins to the back of them.

People at the party were so impressed with their authenticity- they were all sure we had borrowed them from someone at Target. All in all, the perfect costume, as it met all of my costume criteria. I had told Steve earlier in the week that I would not: wear a box, paint my face, put anything on my head. I know, I'm the Ebeneezer Scrooge of Halloween.

Saturday found us in the yard, planting 140 bulbs, and no, that was not an extra zero. One hundred forty. We went out last week for "a few more bulbs" and this is what we came home with. You know the family motto for this year: Go big or go home. We're sticking to it.

Before I could start planting the bulbs, I needed to arrange them in groups on the driveway. I like to lay it all out first and decide where everyone is going before I put any in the ground. There is nothing worse than disorganized bulb planting.

The day went about a million times smoother due to this little gem. I will never again try to plant bulbs without a bulb auger and a man who will use it. What a time saver!

Even with the handy power tool, the whole process took about three hours, so I don't even want to THINK about how long it would have taken otherwise. And in case you were thinking that I got off too easy, I did still have to dig a bit in each hole with the trowel and I do have sore arms today. So it wasn't all roses and sunsets.
Today is November and I have a special fondness for the first day of the month. Nothing like a fresh start and 30 new days staring back at you from the calendar. I love a fresh start.

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