Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving morning

There are very few days that warrant three separate blog posts just to get all the goodness in, but this Thanksgiving was one of them. Honestly, any day that begins with these cinnamon rolls is probably going to be pretty great, but this one even surpassed my high expectations.

Post-cinnamon roll, we all lounged around and checked out the Black Friday ads while watching the parade. It's not Thanksgiving without the parade, specifically the parade on NBC, as I tried to tell whoever kept changing the channel to CBS. Al Roker and I have spent many a holiday together and we're not about to stop now.

The leaves were in full-color mode and the pear trees made me feel right at home. The boys played football in the yard, which made the day feel just right. I don't necessarily want to be playing football on Thanksgiving, but I sure like it when someone else does.

So the sisters watched from the porch and occasionally caught a pass or two. I spent some time alternately marveling at the handsomeness of my husband and the grown-up-ness of my baby brother. Gosh if I don't love those two to pieces.

And, as is the norm with almost any trip we go on, there were dogs. But they're both pretty mini and not so bad, as dogs go. Lucy likes to be carried around a lot, but who can blame her? Why walk when you can ride?

Even with all the fun going on at home, I still managed to sneak out a few times- to the grocery store with Mom and out for coffee with Bren. I am super thankful for moments alone with each of my family members, as much as I love being all together.

And, if you can believe it, we haven't even made it to lunchtime yet! Tune in tomorrow for the next installment...

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