Tuesday, November 23, 2010

deck the halls

Usually it takes zero effort for me to get into the Christmas spirit. By the time October is over, I am ready for Christmas music and the scent of pine. In fact, I usually only hold off on the decoration until after Thanksgiving as a courtesy (to who? I have no idea). But this year, the warm weather has me tricked and I am slowly dragging myself along to get ready for the holidays.

Of course, I needed to be in the spirit even earlier than usual this year, as I was hoping to get a few things ready for the shop before December is upon us. So last week I cranked up the holiday tunes and started working, ready or not.

I started with two sets of Christmas ornaments, an idea provided by my creative friend, Emily. Once I got into it, the ideas started flowing and now I'm just hoping I'll have a few spare minutes to make some more decorations before it's too late! This week is super busy with work and holiday baking, but early next week seems like the perfect time to stitch up some stuffed snowmen.

And now I just need to mention that I have posted two things in a row that have nothing to do with food (and certainly nothing to do with soup) and, as a result, I will probably need to share some pictures of cinnamon rolls tomorrow. So you've been forewarned.

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