Monday, July 30, 2012

bathroom redo

We have been thoroughly enjoying our "new" bathroom and Steve was kind enough to take a bunch of pictures of it over the weekend.  It's amazing how just changing a few things can make a big difference. 

When we first moved into our house, I was dismayed by the super manly master bath.  The black counter top and black and white floors seemed really difficult to work with.  Also, there was a black shower curtain when we moved in.  I know- I thought it was strange too. 

I felt like we were stuck with a certain look right from the beginning, but vowed to make it look less like a bachelor pad (which it used to be, actually, so that's probably why it looked like one).  I added some hot pink accents, as well as some aqua and lots of white. 

I like a bathroom with lots of white because it looks super clean.  I LOVE white towels.  I'm not sure why I'm ever tempted to buy anything else, but inevitably I am and I do and then I regret it two months later when they look faded and weird.  Meanwhile, the white towels that we bought a year ago still look brand new.  Lesson learned. 

Several years ago, we bought this little stool and recovered the seat with a black and white toile.  Our bathroom is pretty big and I love being able to have an extra (soft) place to sit or set things down. 

With all the white that we have, painting the walls gray was a great move, because now the white has something to contrast with.  Other than painting everything, we also installed a new, curved shower rod, and a new curtain rod.  I've been enjoying the curved shower rod and actually do think it gives a little more elbow room in the shower, although I was skeptical at first. 

The curtain rod has these gorgeous antique glass ends and I'm still on the hunt for some drawer pulls to match.  We moved the dining room curtains up into the bathroom because the colors were perfect.  And it's a good excuse for me to make new dining room curtains, something I've been wanting to do anyway. 

So that's the full reveal!  I still maintain that painting is one of my least favorite activities, but I really enjoy it when it's done. 


  1. The bathroom is gorgeous! It belongs in a House Beautiful magazine. I love curved shower curtain rods. The look so modern.
    Great job!
    Love you

  2. opps! I meant they look so modern:}

  3. Love the bathroom! Your white towels look so lush and soft. I would agree with not liking to paint. Great job!

  4. The engraved shower curtain holder is by far the nicest looking thing in there. How is so much detail packed into one gorgeous room?

    -Solomon Berkovitch



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