Friday, July 20, 2012

finally Friday

In the past seven days, we have made four trips to Lowe's and two to Home Depot.  I think that our bathroom is finally almost done.  The thing about painting is, once you take a room apart and paint it up all nice, you really want to fix all the things that never worked quite right and get rid of that plastic shower curtain rod you used in college. 

So that's what we've been doing- the fixing and spiffing up.  We just have to hang the curtain rod and pick out some new cabinet hardware (I've got my eye on this knob at Anthropologie) and that's it!  The never ending project will come to an end and I'm baking a cake today to celebrate. 

Seriously, I am baking a cake today.  Late this afternoon, after I finish the laundry and mowing the lawn and shipping out packages.  And, it is my fondest hope that we will have another rain storm while I bake.  I love baking while it rains.  I'm crazy about late afternoon summer rain storms, provided I do not have to go out in them. 

It feels like it's been a busy week, shop-wise, but I am starting to realize that busy is the new normal.  That's so exciting for me- that it's the norm to be shipping out multiple orders and have tables piled with sewing projects and be making things faster than I can photograph them.  I'm living the dream over here. 

We're laying low this weekend- I'm planning to eat cake and spend time in the yard and go on a date with my handsome suitor.  Sounds like the perfect end to the week!

Hope your weekend is lovely!


  1. Seriously! First with the homemade ice cream and now cake! We did go home and make tacos last night so thanks for the inspiration. And by we I mean Travis, because apparently I don't cook anymore.

  2. I'm liking the knob. I can't seem to get enough silvered mirror.



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