Monday, July 09, 2012

mini vacation

We had so much fun, but oh is coming home again sweet.  I almost cried with joy when I climbed into my bed last night. 

Sadly, the weather was not as cool as I'd hoped, but we did get to go swimming.  And walk downtown to the post office.  And see lots of people. 

And dogs.  Lots of dogs. 

We also ate amazing food, like grilled chicken with homemade barbecue sauce (recipe forthcoming), plenty of salad, many ounces of frozen yogurt, steak, sweet potatoes, and loads of fruit.  I love sharing meals with people. 

Our one meal out was at Gillie's, an old favorite.  I used to eat here in high school and everything is still exactly the same.  I love that.  There was an older man playing guitar and singing in the corner behind us while we ate.  Talk about atmosphere. 

Want to know how many adults it takes to entertain three toddlers?  Only one, if it's Uncle Steve.  I know how they feel- I find him pretty enthralling too. 

I got to rub two bellies simultaneously and talk about names and nursery fabric, all while feeling pretty darn petite.  As the oldest, I used to be the biggest out of this group.  Not anymore, hehe...

My mom is a great hostess and we totally took over her house and she didn't even mind.  It was fun to see my sisters and our friends and I felt a bit of disbelief this morning when I realized it would just be me at home all day. 

But- I have several orders to finish up, as well as a mountain of laundry, so there's that to keep me company.  PLUS sewing class to look forward to tomorrow night- I can't believe we're on week three already!


  1. Haha..I think your mom almost cried when she got back into her bed after sleeping on the sofa with 3 There is truly no place like home! I'm sorry I missed you on this trip, but I look forward to your trunk show! See you then!

  2. You are petite regardless who you are next too! Great pictures.



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