Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a public service announcement about herbs

Today I'd like to encourage you to start an herb garden.  Well, don't start it today because it's way too hot, but definitely think it over.  I'll remind you again in the fall when it's time to plant. 

Herb gardens are great for people who usually kill plants, people who forget to water, people who don't believe in weeding.  Those kind of people.  Also, people who like to eat. 

Many of the herbs in my garden (oregano, rosemary, thyme, mint, chives, lemon balm) are perennials, so they just keep coming back year after year.  In the spring, I buy a few annual herbs for the season (basil, cilantro, parsley, dill). 

I almost always have more than I can handle, so I like to preserve some to eat throughout the winter.  They also make a great gift for neighbors or people you may be visiting over the summer.  Sometimes I include them in bouquets of flowers that I've cut from the yard. 

 There is no substitute for fresh herbs and they are so expensive at the grocery store!  (Not to mention, not all that fresh.)  You can grow them in pots, you can grow them in the ground.  You can plant them in spring, you can plant them in fall.  You can eat them with meat, you can eat them with veggies.  You can eat them in a box, you can eat them with a fox.  You get the idea. 

Today, I am roasting a chicken that will be lunch for the coming week.  The skies are cloudy and overcast and the whole house smells delicious, the combination of which is making me want to curl up with something to stitch. 

It's my day with the car though, so there's no time for stitching, but I will probably dream about a new quilt as I drive around town. 


  1. I'm looking forward to eating that chicken. :-)

  2. Me too, Steve. How can we make this happen? Also, would you be able to help me with a small, indoor or on my patio herb garden?

  3. You can drink them in your tea You can drink them with me.......xoxo pam



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