Wednesday, December 04, 2013

welcome Christmas

Happy December, friends!  Did you have a festive Thanksgiving?  Were you as excited as I was to find December at the end of the long weekend?  

I really love a late Thanksgiving and we kicked it into full-on holiday mode as soon as Steve got home from work last Wednesday.  We ate with friends, we watched movies, we put up lights and got a tree.  

Oh, the tree.  It really needs its own post.  Not so much the tree itself, but the getting part.  Do you know that we walk to get our tree?  It was even more fun than usual with the little guy tagging along and he is totally bemused by the fact that we now have a "tree inside".  He tells everyone who will listen- "Tree inside!  TREE INSIDE!"

Luckily, our favorite ornaments are these awesome Scandinavian straw snowflakes and angels that we snagged a few years ago.  And some crocheted snowflakes from Nana.  All very child friendly.  

In addition to decorating the house, I've also been sewing like crazy and shipping out piles of packages every day.  Did I tell you we have a new mail lady?  So far, she likes me, but it's only the first week of December.  

The bolts of flannel that looked so huge when I ordered them in August are down to just a few yards and I am nervously checking my stock every day to gauge if I have enough to last through the holidays.  Today during nap, I'm trying to finish up a dozen or so bow ties- who knew they would be such a hot holiday gift?  

FYI- the Mocha-Espresso Cream Pie was great.  You should totally make one.  And then invite me over. Next week let's talk more holiday recipes, shall we?  I'm in the mood for some cooking.  


  1. In the mood for cooking? Sounds like I need to come visit to help eat up the food!

  2. Oh, the little things like a tree inside. Can't wait to see you guys



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