Thursday, December 05, 2013

an old fashioned stroller Christmas

As previously mentioned, we started a family tradition three years ago of walking to pick up our Christmas tree.  It began as a challenge of sorts the year we started sharing a car.   Then it just became fun.

But the tree is heavy and we're not gluttons for punishment, so last year, we rolled it home in a stroller that someone had given us in anticipation of our adoption being finalized.  It was a little awkward, especially before we picked up the tree when a lady scooted around the stroller to glance inside and then looked up at me, sort of horrified, and said, "There ain't no baby in there!"

No, no there ain't.

This year, we had a child in the stroller.  And a tree in the other stroller.  Less weird?  No?

Steve and I both particularly love the look on Arthur's face in this picture, taken by a nice man who was out walking.  Steve said, "I didn't realize you were never too young to be embarrassed by your parents."

In other news, The Sound of Music Live is on tonight and I am SO excited.  I love the original Sound of Music and I think that Julie Andrews should be canonized, (is that only for dead people?  Sorry, Julie!) but I'm also interested to see a fresh take on it.  And a live movie!  Seems so much cooler than a regular old movie.  

If you're wondering why I feel like I have time to blog two days in a row, chalk it up to the fact that my outstanding orders list is not scary long today and all the bathrooms are semi-clean.  It's the small victories.  

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  1. The stroller thing is too funny! We went out "practicing" with the stroller and Dexter so he would get used to it. People would peek into the stroller and think we were crazy because Jarret had put a stuffed alligator in it. Too funny! :)



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