Thursday, December 19, 2013

the big birthday

December has always been a celebratory month for us.  In addition to Christmas, Steve and I love to celebrate the day we started dating and also the night that Steve proposed.  

Funny story: our first date was dinner and outdoor ice skating.  Steve and I had been friends for several years when he invited me on this particular outing.  I said yes, and promptly invited some of my family to come along.  When I mentioned this to Steve, he said, "Oh... well, I was thinking this would be more like a date."  I was, in turn, speechless, excited, and embarrassed that I now had to un-invite my family from our date.  Sometimes I think about this awkward start and feel really thankful that Steve persevered.  

Now we have an additional reason to make December merry- Arthur's birthday falls right in the middle of this already happy month.  We celebrated in style with balloons and a trash truck and fried rice and he kept yelling "happy birthday!".  Having spent his last birthday half a world apart, it seemed a little like magic to have him here, right in our own home.  

He is trying so hard to hold up three fingers now that he's three.  I am torn, as I'm sure all parents are, between wanting him to learn new things and grow up and wanting him to stay a baby forever.  I'm trying to get on board with the growing up thing, as I don't think I really get a choice.  

Other than celebrating, I've been sewing like crazy and am happy to report that my outstanding order list is currently EMPTY.  It's been about six weeks since I could say that and I don't mind telling you that it makes me feel like reading a book for fun or sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea or doing something else totally relaxing, just because I can.  

We have a few days left to get things in order before our holiday visitors start to arrive.  I'm dreaming of what I'll make for Christmas dinner and getting excited that there will be someone here, other than me, to crawl around on the floor and play cars for  bit.  

Time permitting, I'll stop in next week with some recipe suggestions!  

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  1. Can't wait to see you guys! And play with the world's cutest little one!



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