Tuesday, December 07, 2010

W is for...

Who wouldn't want to find this bundle under their Christmas tree? We were lucky enough to spend the whole weekend with this little gift and enjoy every last bit of her cuteness. The girl can eat. And it shows.

This one was a little harder to please, but a bucket of fabric scraps did just the trick. She had three days of fun with those scraps. I think I know what she's getting for her birthday.

Uncle Steve pulled out all the stops to make this the best weekend a toddler could hope for. There was lots of hide and seek, reading, and a surprise favorite game that involved sitting on the kitchen floor pretending that they were driving in a car. And sometimes they would stop the car and go into the grocery store for a few necessities.

Don't let the Precious Moments eyes fool you though- she doesn't even sleep. Sometimes I started to believe that she was some type of loud, demanding robot with a long battery life. But then she would do something different, like kiss my boo-boo or smile at me while I scratch her back, and all those moments added together more than make up for all the loud. And the demanding.

She is a little bit her mom and a little bit her dad and a whole lot herself. And I love her like I always knew I would, even before I knew her.

Sweet cheeks here was even more charming than the last time I saw her and I must have put my nose to her head to inhale her sweet baby smell at least 30 times. She smiles constantly, loves to cuddle, and makes little grunting noises just for fun. She was the perfect house guest, except for all the spitting up, and nobody really minded that.

There is no picture of the best part of the weekend though- my confidante, encourager, helper, and friend of the past 22 years and I spent an entire evening by the glow of the Christmas tree, talking. We shared losses and victories, frustrations and joys. No sorrow is as bad once I've shared it with her and no joy is complete until it reaches her ears. Sometimes I wonder how I was chosen to receive the gift of her friendship. I've said it before, and I'll say it again- my cup runneth over.

And speaking of blessings, I am also blessed with a husband who truly gets how much I like to decorate for Christmas. So much so, that when I said "let's go all out this year" he replied with "we should paint the coffee table red". So that's what we did. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of all the holiday cheer around here.

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  1. W is for Winter and not as in my last name, but as in the season. W is for whiny- only a BFF could put up with all the whining that happened at her house. W is for WONDERFUL- that's the sum of our visit and our hearts are forever warmed by it :). Mia keeps talking about how much fun she had, Rose says spitting up here just isn't quite as good and I just miss cuddling up with comfort food and a comfort friend- I couldn't love anyone more!! Thanks for having us and thanks for the fun post to remember it all! XOXO



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