Tuesday, December 14, 2010

what I can and cannot show you

I wish that I could show you pictures of all I've been working on this week. But most of the things I am working on are Christmas gifts for my family. And since I think that my family makes up at least half of my blog readership, I'm gonna have to save the pictures for a post-Christmas treat.

So I can't show you the gifts I completed over the weekend.

I can't show you the gift I am currently hand stitching in my spare time.

I can't show you the apron I am working on for Riley Grace. Not because I think that toddlers are big blog followers, but because I don't have any pictures of it yet. But soon. Very soon, I think.

However, to make up for all the things that I can't show you, here are a few that I can:

I can show you this picture, taken at the Billy Graham Library last Saturday night. We went for the lights and caroling.

We stayed for the live nativity. I wish you could see more of the animals in this picture. They were all chewing. If only I could show you the chewing, because it was cute.

I can show you this picture of our lifegroup Christmas party last night. Our white elephant gift exchange requires you to find something in your house that you no longer want. Somebody else's trash = the best kind of gift.

And I can show you a very pregnant woman wearing a very tacky outfit.

I can show you someone who sleeps in a twin bed, and, as luck would have it, got a whole set of dinosaur sheets to go on it.

I can show you some of the ugliest Christmas outfits you are likely to see this holiday season, unless you happen to attend a Red Hat Society luncheon.

I also cannot show you how cold it is here- you'll just have to take my word for it. I find that vacuuming keeps me warm, so I think that our house will be very clean this week.

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