Friday, December 17, 2010

finally something to show

Yesterday we had a "snow day". It was cold and rainy and Steve worked from home and I worked from home and all in all it was very cozy and nice. I accomplished much in the way of cooking and sewing. In fact, all of the things that needed to be sewn before Christmas are now lined up in a neat row.

My biggest project of the day was finishing Riley's apron. The idea of making an apron for someone who is only two feet tall was, as you might imagine, very appealing to me. Isn't everything cuter when it's mini?

And who can cook without ruffles? Certainly not me and Riley seems like a girl who would appreciate a ruffle or two.

I hope she makes lots of soup this winter in her play kitchen and that she enjoys looking cute while doing it.

Oh my gosh- did you mention soup? Oh, that was me? Well, whatever. The soup of the week is chicken noodle and it is darn tasty. I'm trying to kick a cold and I do believe every myth out there about chicken noodle soup. It's better than NyQuil. And lots tastier.

To accompany the soup, I whipped up some crescent rolls from scratch. They were surprisingly easy, taste nothing like the ones that come in a tube, and made me wonder why I had never tried making them before. I love that chubby crescent shape.

I think that today's episode of "Kick the Cold" will include some reading, a little hand stitching just for fun, and a large dose of hot chocolate. Round that out with a weekend of cookie-baking and Christmas movies and I'll be back in action by Monday.

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