Sunday, March 01, 2015

it's a bag sale! *updated*

(Bags are sold out!!)

It seems like every winter we find ourselves cleaning out the closets.  I guess when you're stuck inside for months on end, you've got to come up with something.

This year, I'm feeling especially minimalist.  I'm working on my first ever capsule wardrobe (more on this soon!).  I'm sending bags and bags of toys and kitchen items to the attic for a spring garage sale. It has always been pretty easy for me to get rid of things.

Except when it comes to things I've made.  I think about the time and effort and cost and how excited I was when I finished the project.  I try to think of a good home for the item, someone who might love it as much as I do.  I get bogged down in all this thinking and then I just.... keep it.

But I've been making things for years now and I think I'm finally ready to part with some of them. Mainly, my stash of bags.

Many of these bags were for sale in my shop or a local store at one point, but no longer fit with my "menswear" aesthetic.  I choose the ones I hold dearest to keep, but am offering the rest at a super discounted price to anyone who might want to pick up a few gifts, or who just happens to need a new bag.  A few have been gently used, by me, and I've noted that in the description.  Unless noted, there is only one of each bag, so be sure to grab your favorites fast!

If you need me to ship your bag, it's a flat $5 charge that I can send you a separate invoice for.  If you purchase more than one item, I'll throw in shipping for free!  AND the first person to purchase a bag will also get a free gift thrown in.  Maybe some other people will get free gifts too!  I'm feeling generous!  Tell your friends!  The "add to cart" button is in the upper left hand corner of the sidebar. And here are the bags....

Vintage Text tote ($5):(SOLD OUT!) gray wool handles with 9" drop, unlined.  Great for the library, running errands, or a small diaper bag.  

Davidson NC tote ($3): 2 available, pink webbing handles with 9" drop, unlined.  You may not live in Davidson, but you can't beat the price for a sturdy tote! 

Davidson, NC tote ($3): 2 available, same as above, but with gray wool handles. 
Gray Wool and Leather bag ($8): SOLD! leather handles with 8" drop, lined with red flannel, gently used.  Use as a small purse or to keep your knitting supplies handy.  

Boat Tote ($12): lined with fusible fleece, gray wool handles with 4" drop, embroidered with a sailboat drawn by yours truly.  Pack your lunch in it or use it as you would a canvas bin to corral toys and such.  

Navy Pear Day Bag ($15): SOLD! large sling style bag in navy linen with a hot pink pear embroidered on the front. A day bag is just what it sounds like- big enough to carry everything you need for the day!  Also makes a great travel bag or diaper bag.   
Patchwork Purse ($12): fan shaped purse with short, braided handles.  Lined with blue and khaki stripe.  
Sparkle Zipper Pouch ($7): SOLD! 9" x 6" size, perfect for travel or to throw in your purse.  Perhaps your Patchwork Purse?  
Green Zipper Pouch ($6): green canvas outer with pink embroidered pear, lined with navy and pink polka dots, great for travel. 

Yellow Boat Day Bag ($8): SOLD! large sling style bag in yellow linen with a navy blue sailboat embroidered on the front.  Gently used.  One interior divider and a snap closure.

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