Thursday, January 09, 2014

new year, new fabric

My new fabric is here and I'm completely smitten.  I just want to lay it all out, in rainbow order, on the table and look at it.  So that's what I did today during nap time, when I am able to do things like "lay out fabric" without having someone grab it and use it as a blanket/tent/parking lot.  

It's hard to believe that it was only last year that I made my very first bow tie.  I only made a small batch of ties last spring, just to test the waters, and was blown away by the response.  Since then, I've worked hard on perfecting my pattern, adding hardware to make the ties adjustable, and deciding what weight of fabric makes the perfect bow.  

So this year, I am excited to be offering ties in almost every color!  I've been reading wedding blogs, checking magazines and catalogs and perusing Pinterest to decide on colors, while still generally sticking to my own personal style preferences.  I'll be carrying a mix of solids and subtle patterns, with a few less-subtle patterns thrown in for fun.  It came as a huge surprise to me, but our most popular tie to date has been the world map, followed closely by the text tie.  

Once I finish the stack of orders currently on my cutting table, I plan to jump right in and start sewing up samples.  I'm hoping to have at least a dozen new ties in the shop by the end of the month!  

In other business-type news, my new iron is pretty great so far, despite the scary noises it makes.  I've been using an inexpensive Sunbeam for years now, but decided to upgrade to a Rowenta.  I spend a lot of time ironing.  So far, my favorite bits about the new iron are the excessive steam, the long cord, and the fact that it doesn't drip hot water on my feet.  Also, it's about four times heavier than my old iron, so I'm going to go ahead and count ironing as exercise from now on.  There's one new year's resolution done.  

Today is gray and chilly, but we've got soup simmering in the crock pot and are planning to have a cozy evening by the fire.  Stay warm and I'll meet you back here next week!

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