Friday, January 03, 2014

cooking and kangaroos

We're three days in and I already suspect that this year is going to be big.  I'm making big plans and cooking big meals.  I just placed a big fabric order for some new bow ties.  Our house even seems big, now that we've moved the Christmas tree outside.  

So, about the big meals- my aunt Sherley recently recommended a food blog called "Feasting at Home", and I would like to pass on the recommendation to anyone who likes to cook or eat.  Steve and I made a list of a few recipes to try this week and it has truly felt like a feast.  Our favorite so far has been the Polenta Skillet Eggs with Chorizo.  It's warm.  It's comforting.  It's fancy breakfast for dinner.  Also, I got to make it in the new cast iron skillet that Mom gave me for Christmas.  I think that I can honestly say that I've never made something in cast iron that didn't taste delicious.  

In addition to staying warm and eating yummy leftovers, this weekend we'll be doing some cleaning and organizing, maybe a little shopping, and hanging out with our favorite kangaroo (have you ever seen anything cuter than this?!?).  Sometimes, January seems like a let-down after all the holiday fun is over.  Other times, it seems like a precious gift of time to do mundane tasks like flip the mattress.  This year, I'm definitely calling it a gift.  

P.S- I got a new iron and it makes scary noises like the furnace on Home Alone.  I'll keep you posted. 


  1. I love that cutie pie! No child has looked cuter!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Lauren. We'll definitely give those eggs a try!



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